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Фетальные допплеры

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  UDT-20 WD
  UDT-20 SD


UDT-300 D
  UDT-300 SD
  UDT-300 с регистрацией


UDT-300 with record

UDT-300 with record is a fetal Doppler, designed for general purpose and for printing of FHR and fetal movement on a thermal printer. It is ideal for use by General Practitioner or Midwife for routine antenatal fetal detection.


• Since 10 weeks of pregnancy
• Continuous wave: 2MHz
• 7-crystal probe
• An exclusive ARC (wyskakujące okienko) that analyses signal from the probe and automatically sets the device to the best fetal heart sound and eliminates contact noise
• Continuous volume control
• Speaker output: 10W
• Fetal heart rate: 50-210bpm
• Fetal heart beat indicator
• An audio output can be connected with earphone
• Printing of FHR and fetal movement
• Printer: thermal, 4dots/mm
• Record speed: 1cm/min
• Paper: 112mm (4 inch)
• Printer supply: 8V DC from main unit
• Power supply: 230V,50Hz


Product code:

UDT-300 with record


Printer, roll of paper, patient event marker, belt, gel


Headset, stethoscope headset



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