About us

Brael was founded in 1996 by Pawel Brancewicz who was working as a designer of ultrasound medical devices in Techpan, department of Polish Academy of Science, for many years. In 1997 the first Brael fetal Doppler UDT-100 was tremendous success in Poland. It was a cordless, comfortable Doppler. The Brael product line rapidly expanded to include a variety of fetal Doppler products.
We continue to set the performance standard for cordless, very light fetal Doppler with built-in speaker providing users with pure, clear sound. The new FD-10D is the latest in high-tech and convenient compact devices.
Our commitment to quality is reflected in our accreditation to ISO13485 and all our devices have approved CE certificates by TŰV Nord. BRAEL is looking to expand its distribution, partnerships, and strategic alliances all over the world.