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Which head to choose?

Our cameras come with two types of heads: narrow-angle BP2MHz and wide-angle 7-element B7P2MHz. We usually offer a cheaper narrow-angle head, and where time is critical or a desire for convenience, a wide-angle head.

The BP2MHz head has a small field of view. It requires more precise positioning over the fetal heart, which usually takes time. In early pregnancy, a small field of view has an advantage, because the narrow-angle transducer “collects” less strong interfering signals from the maternal vessels, which are then more detectable and overlap with the weak signals from the baby’s heart.

The wide-angle head has a large field of view and most often finding the pulse in older pregnancy is immediate. B7P2MH users from hospitals, accustomed to convenient pulse detection, often purchase detectors equipped with it for the needs of their own offices; i.e. UDT-20SD and UDT-300SD.

The UDT-300 series fetal heart rate monitors have interchangeable heads and can be optimally adjusted to the gestational age.