01 Use

It is used for routine examination of fetal heart activity by gynecologists, obstetricians, and midwives. It is a high-sensitivity, ultrasound fetal heart rate detector with FHR measurement capability. It can be used from the 14th week of pregnancy. The wide-angle, 7-element probe is recommended for situations where quick and easy detection of the fetal heartbeat is needed, such as on labor wards.

Twice the sensitivity.

02 Features

  • B7P2MHz probe – wide-angle, 7-element probe that facilitates finding the fetal heartbeat, not recommended for early pregnancy
  • Low noise level
  • Clear sound
  • Manual and automatic volume adjustment
  • Interference reduction module
  • FHR measurement, 50-210 bpm
  • Automatic and manual heart rate measurement
  • Headphone output (optional)
  • Battery or rechargeable battery power supply, 2xAA/R6 with power-saving feature
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Long battery/rechargeable battery life, approximately 30 hours
  • Battery/rechargeable battery status indication

03 About the product

Doptone UDT-20SD

battery-powered, 2×1.5V AA/R6.

Doptone UDT-20SD-R

rechargeable battery-powered, 2×1.2V AA/R6 NiMH

Included with the device: ultrasound gel, carrying bag, batteries or rechargeable batteries with a fast charger (5 hours).

Upon request: headphone output and headphones.

04 Downloadable

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