01 Use

It is used for routine fetal heart rate monitoring by gynecologists, obstetricians, and midwives. It is a high-quality and sensitive ultrasound fetal heart rate detector powered by a 230V power supply. We recommend using it from the 14th week of pregnancy. It has a built-in ARC system that automatically optimizes the reception of heart signals, ensuring consistent sound levels of heartbeats, reducing contact interference, and facilitating the detection of weak signals in the first trimester of pregnancy.

02 Features

  • Interchangeable B9P2MHz probe – wide-angle, 9-element
  • Probe holder
  • High sensitivity, starting from the 14th week of pregnancy
  • Low noise level
  • Clear sound
  • ARC system, automatically optimizes the reception of heart signals and reduces contact interference
  • Measurement of heart rate frequency, 50-210 bpm
  • Headphone output
  • Power supply: 230V AC (UDT-300SD)
  • Power supply: 230V AC and battery (UDT-300SD-R)
  • Battery operation time: over 6 hours (UDT-300SD-R)

03 About the product



Included with the device: ultrasound gel.

Upon request: headphones, narrow-angle BP2MHz probe.

04 Downloadable

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